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Dog Days 3 See you again! by Fu-reiji
Dog Days 3 See you again!
here we have the farewell card at the end of the episode. all of this seasons characters who had both big and small roles giving their farewell once again to the fans who supported and watched till the end. i am sad this has once again ended and can only hope they come back with a season 4. simple enjoyable anime like this is good to watch once in awhile. everything for the most part is resolved as the three heroes return to earth and continue their studies on earth.

shinku still being pretty vague or dense about his love life as nanami teased him at the end at getting it together lol Gaul and Aria seem like they'll be really close in the future but that's just speculation since the girls believe Gaul has found his princess. while it's hard to say i do hope somewhere in the future shinku figures out who he wants but i think we can cut him some slack since he is still in middle school with rebecca and nanami. still it does make one wonder how they plan to work it out in the end as they get older. will they choose to stay in Flongnarde and visit Earth every now and then for their families and such or vice versa? well i guess we'll leave it to the producers and story writers to figure that out.

next up Review time. As usual the simple things in this series is actually really refreshing to have when you have popular action shonen series and shoujo series along with over the top ecchi and harem based series that are borderline hentai. while Dog Days has that too it's not over the top since it takes a bit from everything while staying simple yet enjoyable for all to watch. i can't complain too much about it but bit by bit they take some things a step further from the previous season where if you watch from season 1 to 2 then to 3 it's pretty notable. i will have to say my favs to this date remain Millhi and Leo and Yukimaru and I will add Aria to that list of favs. I like Shinku when he goes into his adult form with the Hero crystal and while they didn't get to do it that much Nanami and Rebecca look like they'll grow into lovely adults. this series stands in really simple place where regardless who gets to english dub it they can't get too much wrong since the mix of different cultures is apparent there. if i had to rate this season alone i can give it a 4 out 5 since the compression of 12 episodes made things feel a bit rushed and left out a few chances for character developments since the inroduction of new ones took a lot of space and time. as an entire series for all 3 seasons i give it a 4.5 out of 5 since what keeps it from reaching a perfect 5 out 5 is the fact 12 episodes is not enough time to cover on things and rush or skip over stuff. why 5? well 10 is a rare thing to use these days and i usually see 5 as the rating system for a lot of things. any who that's what i rate as to where i hope a season 4 or a dog days movie comes along for us to enjoy. 

well now i leave it to you guys to tell me your thoughts on the whole season 3 and entire series. feel free to talk about your favorite seasons and/or episodes and moments. i'll read about who your favorite characters are and what you hope for in the future. i hope my postings helped promote the series for everyone to enjoy and boost ratings just a bit for more seasons or a movie to bring an eventual closing on the series.
Dog Days Stay with me epilogue scene by Fu-reiji
Dog Days Stay with me epilogue scene
a bit of an epilogue played as the ending theme stay with me played and here we have a group photo after shinku, rebecca and nanami returned to earth.
Dog Days 3 eye catcher Shinku as Millhi!? by Fu-reiji
Dog Days 3 eye catcher Shinku as Millhi!?
poor Shinku having to dress as Millhi while the girls take photos and admire how cute they think he looks lol quite the final eye catcher this season.
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou - Onsen Episode by Fu-reiji
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou - Onsen Episode
it's here guys! Chapter 31 is finally out and ready for a read! It's an Onsen episode! go to to read it. enjoy guys!
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou - Monster Harem 2 by Fu-reiji
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou - Monster Harem 2
this is from chapter 30 of monster musume. in the background we got the main 7. after reading all the translated chapters and being up to date now let's reintroduce them again. from top to bottom we have:

1. Miia the Lamia aka Snake woman. she is the first girl who is deeply in love with her darling and wants to marry him and has no desire to share him with her entire race as originally planned course now she has to watch out for her mother trying to steal him for herself lol

2. Papi the Harpy. despite being the same age as Miia and the others she permanently has a Loli body so to those who like little girls and need a legal escape Papi and the Harpy race are the ones you need just keep in mind they have bird brains and aren't very smart and have a tendency of being forgetful. kinda like dory from finding Nemo. and they have terrible night vision. 

3. Centorea/Cretoria(translation is a bit of an issue with her name) the Centaur. like many myths about Centaurs Centorea is a very proud woman. the women of Centaurs are very beautiful and work hard to be strong to fend off the male Centaurs since they are really bulky and brutish and very ugly looking so the female Centaurs look to human males for a real romance. Centorea stands as the new hope as she recently discovered she is half Centaur and learned her real father is a human. a bit on beasiality but it's actually kind of sweet and romantic her human dad loved her mom so much he basically said to hell with traditions and actually knocked out a male centaur.

4. Suu the Slime girl. she is currently an unknown monster in the series since no slime monster has ever take on a human shape or shown as much intelligence as her before. Suu's mentality is a bit like a child but she knows she loves her master and wants to be his bride. she has a weakness for wanting to drink fluids off others that includes sweats and it gets very sexual when she jumps you to drink the liquids off your body. so girls and guys too prepare to feel like you are in heaven when she jumps you lol also if she ever drinks poisons she gets drunk and her intellect builds up but only so she can talk smack about you lol

5. Mero the Mermaid. she is a lovely girl with grace and is very polite but due to her love for the story of the little mermaid she hopes to have a tragic romance. even said she hopes she turns to foam but that eventually turned into a tragic romance complex. kind of funny when you see the tragic romance fantasies in her head but she's a sweet girl underneath it all.

6. Rachnee the Arachne aka the Spider woman of japanese folklore. despite being a spider woman she does not live up to the japanese folk lore but she has a bondage fetish. so she likes to tie up her darling and the other girls in her web with different positions lol despite this she has a caring soft side our main guy can see and knows she's always being careful since humans are more frail than monsters and she has fallen for him. when it comes to Suu she tries to avoid her when she is seeking fluids mostly cause the Arachne race panic when something can't be caught in their webs and Suu fits the bill perfectly.

7. Lala the Dullahan. she is the newest girl in the harem but not much is said or shown for her yet so hopefully the future chapters pick up on this. she came off as a grim reaper of sorts but that was a lie cause she apparently has chuunibiyo aka eighth grade syndrome where she believes she has all these dark powers. she became fascinated with darling because no matter how many times he gets put in life or death situations he always makes it back alive.

also chapters are taking too long to translate so let's hope they get more people to help. can you believe this series is doing so well?
I am posting this to more or less express my annoyance with the anti...whatever they wanna call themselves at this point. title being what it is, is mostly due to being unable to tag journals so that's my lazy answer for that.…

man dood i was looking at some studio pierrot history through google and the search brought up this. despite it saying anti-SP this is mostly another excuse for these guys to complain about basically nothing. they do realize regardless if it's SP, Gonzo or any other sturdio that animates Naruto you would still get the same about of fillers on the same basic things. long running series base themselves off of fillers too when the source material isn't that far ahead of where it needs to be. as for naruto they already said ahead of time in like november there will be a lot of fillers to happen in 2015 to cover on some things before they close the book on naruto for good.

all and all i find it really sad people still wanna complain about stuff like this when they don't even have that job or the degree for it since it's easy for anyone to say they can do better. i honestly can't stand these people cause they talk like they can do better without even taking the initiative to prove it or try. In those cases I would only give attention to those who actually go out to prove their point and make a series officialized for themselves. 

I been in talks with a guy named GoldLiger a few weeks back.

now i noticed some signs of how the series coulda gone but he really pointed out a lot more things that i have overlooked, misread, or just didn't plain understand. a smart guy really knows his stuff. yes i have small things to complain about the end of naruto but they are mostly minor things to which overall don't affect the story.

Number one complaint from people is the pairings. guys, pairings while cute or even down right enjoyable do not affect the overall story of a series like naruto or even bleach and one piece. unless there is a specific point set up for romances then okay but they likely don't last long. why is naruto being attacked for something many other series have done in the past? look at every shonen jump series that has had this happen. Naruto has a happy end with him being hokage and a family to welcome him home. same things have happened in like Ruroni Kenshin and Shaman King. Even fictional Characters get older and grow up. even fiction has to have a sense reality to progress a story. we're not watching or even reading fairly odd parents or spongebob guys. even disney has this concept figured out on sequels. even if a lot of them aren't very good. so what is the problem with naruto having something of a more mature outlook on life? is it cause he didn't stay the same like goku or luffy? guys being a hokage or the leader of anything means you have to have a level head on many situations. the end while i agree on the rushing of things and there's only so much you can do with 18 pages on top of that but it's an ending none the less. personally i think it's a more of a open end in the manga just due with the idea of fighting corruption and achieving peace is one of those things that is a constant struggle to protect and make happen. seriously guys if it were that easy where would the sense of realism in the fantasy of it go? even Final Fantasy 7 has proven that to be the case. I could name others but let's leave it at that for now.

now next thing is people's attacks on Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot. Kishimoto did what he felt he wanted to do. it's his story to tell, his plot, his characters, his world. aside from fanarts, fanfictions and even charging others to request a fan erotica art how many of us can say have actually had to live on a weekly schedule to turn in a manuscript for a chapter every week? does anyone even know how much work to put in? how time and effort that needs to be given? I personally don't which is why i now bring it up to you all who complain. anyone who has not done the job before or even attempted has no right to judge another's work who spent a good portion of their lives to do it. you either like it or don't like it. those are the only options you get. every story has things we like and hate about it. that's the way it's always been. it's no different from liking or not liking a person or liking or not liking a game. Studio Pierrot is the same concept only everything you do and draw has to be in conjuncture with what is being drawn right there for the episode. let's not forget guys they're part of the reason why we even call their animations Anime. Here's a list of everything they done since I don't even know everything they've animated or that they started back in 79 so wow they were 9 years old by the time i was born. cool lol and look they even did Yu Yu Hakusho and GTO guys.…

like everyone else they have their ups and downs. my intention is not to tell y'all to stop liking your favorite pairings since we all have that freedom to choose even if it doesn't happen. but you do need to accept the fact what happened has happened instead of acting you got shot at like the teens of twilight, harry potter, and high school musical. seriously guys y'all need to chill the hell out cause y'all make this extremely difficult for the authors who actually have the balls to to work in what could  be one of the most pressuring jobs on the planet. remember i said one of the most. it was such an important line i had to say it again. also guys naruto choosing his lover really had nothing to do with the fact that he was still aiming to be hokage regardless. I am happy with NaruHina cause I liked Hinata a lot but that is not the whole focus of the over all story. The Last as repeatedly stated just establishes their relationship through that whole event from kishimoto's perspective since he's apparently not big on under age 18 relationships. so all and all naruto has done anything to go against his nindo or even lie to himself since his whole character is pretty care free not to mention with the way he grew up it's a miracle he can even learn to understand love in a romantic sense since right till about his 12th or may as well be his 13th birthday given the how the chunin exam arc played out he could say he treasures his comrades with how he grew up. he coulda been just like Gaara guys take a minute to think about that. lastly with how some say kishimoto selled out or whatever. there's no such thing since one it's his story, two promoting his series in that fashion wasn't the first time it happened when you look back to every other movie he did for naruto, the anime indsutry in general has to make money to keep itself going and we don't really help it any by being cheap skates and only streaming or downloading a series. buy a product, movie event ticket at a theater is how the business works. those who take business classes should understand the basic concept of how to make a sell.

if all we are ever gonna do is attack a series cause it didn't go the way we wanted it to, did something we hate or disagree with, or even simply cause we hate an author due to a previous reputation then what the hell is the point of even selling manga and anime outside of japan? We're supposed more grown up about this. if someone likes something you hate then just respect their decision on their likes and dislikes and they will respect yours cause that's the simplicity of how it works. like it or don't like it. examples from me are like I don't like attack on titan cause it didn't appeal to me like everyone else. not even excited about season 2. i didn't like how the world god only knows ended. i did not like the girl keima chose. Infinite Stratos I personally prefer Ichika choosing Charlotte over Houki but even I can tell the author is going for that pairing much to my own distaste. it's that simple you guys stop being the types of people who wanna start shit when you yourselves don't even bother to try or even have the work to back it up. you wanna prove you're better than kishimoto then stop talking about it and go do it. go make your own series and show it.

I hereby brings the journal to a close for today and move on to other things.
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Millhiore - Canis familiaris sapiens 

Leonmitchelli - Panthera leo sapiens 

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