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hmm this is a new feature. kinda feels like DA has integrated with either twitter or facebook.

I think i'll try it by asking everyone's thoughts on this weeks chapter of naruto. along with what ya'll hope to happen in the final chapters of the manga and the last movie.

another topic what are your current thoughts on fairy tail both the manga and anime. for the anime who here thinks the english dub from funimation is a pass or fail. i find it to be a pass in all honesty. also where do ya'll hope to see the series go when it ends?

and lastly for the naruto era project ithink cyber connect 2 will at least try to go for a 4 in the ultimate ninja storm games since revolution didn't really progress anything. even after i think cyber connect two could try to make a naruto rpg style game. if i recall there was one solely for the x-box where you play the role of either sasuke or naruto. why not follow that concept to give the player the sense of ninja freedom to dash, jump, and run up walls and trees, make choices to affect some events on the main story and missions this way your ninja missions have more at stake when it comes to getting naruto past his genin rank since i think we all know naruto should've at least been given chunin or hell jonin cause he took down pain and kakuzu where everyone else failed at it. as for online play the game plays the same only you make your own character and choose your ninja village or if you want be a samurai from the land of iron. choosing one of these six will have great benefits along with a few negatives but nothing proper developments and training can't overcome. be a great legend in your own village or chose to be a traitor and walk the path of a rogue nin where you must choose to be a solo rogue nin, or join the likes of orochimaru or the akatsuki. that would be a naruto game to end all naruto games.
Bunny Erza by Fu-reiji
Bunny Erza
does Erza look ferocious in a bunny outift? maybe i just have thing for red heads with unusual personalities lol personally i would take either erza or mira or both of them as my waifus.
What the hell DA!? Why are you suddenly complaining about the lemons I posted. I clearly marked them as mature content and all that stuff! Don't yall think you're over reacting to this and on top of that what exactly is there to censor? It's wrtiting! As in peopel use their imaginations to visualize what they read! why am i getting egged on with this! You may as well bann all of us from writing our fics on here! We're supposed to be able to express our selves here, right!? That really grinds my gears DA! You say we can do this and that and yet you are hypocritcizing yourself by sending us these notes saying we broke the rules! Check yourselves on that. that there is unprofessional and a huge blow to the people who come here! that there is my pet peeve and all i will vent today. good day to you sirs and madams who supposedly run DA.
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you're welcome. i just hope kishimoto does go with naruhina for the manga. it'll make watching the last movie all the more worth while
22redhead Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I heard I rumor it will be in the last movie
Fu-reiji Featured By Owner 4 days ago
really now?
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justinonoob Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist
thanks for fav~
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Thanks for the fave! :)
levantein Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
thanks for watching!
Fu-reiji Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
quick question. how are the card games of these series played?
levantein Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
exactly how the site shows you, via android or iphone. you have one of those? I used blackberry so that's why I can't play the game No, I disagree! 
Fu-reiji Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
i got an android i don't use anymore but can still access wifi. does that count?
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