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Sylphy the wind elementario by Fu-reiji
Sylphy the wind elementario
And finally the most interesting of the 4 is Sylphy. She isn't exactly normal in terms of common sense and is pretty random and pretty much everyone has a hard time figuring out what she's thinking. But even still she is pretty damn sexy and who doesn't like a random woman once in a while lol

While I know at best in terms of romance for this series it looks to be between isuzu and the princess. At most but mainly Isuzu as the hard core fanbase likes to get all pissy and braggy about but I like a good harem that has a decent balance of interesting characters such as monmusu, nisekoi, rosario vampire, and to love ru. I'll post more later
Kobori the earth elementario by Fu-reiji
Kobori the earth elementario
Kobori is pretty intelligent and not too emotional but that adds tobher unique charm
Salama the fire elementario by Fu-reiji
Salama the fire elementario
Next we have Salama who uses fire but is easily bored and likes to go on public media via her smart phone lol
Muse the water elementario by Fu-reiji
Muse the water elementario
Well guys I figured I could change things up a bit with full metal panics more or less spiritual successor Amagi Brilliant Park. Let's start with the elementario since I find them cute, sexy, and interesting in terms of personality lol

First we have the leader of the 4 Muse who controls water...somewhat lol
catch those panties by Fu-reiji
catch those panties
Well guys looks like Ayame secret stash of katsuragi's panties have flown out and now asuka and the others are trying to catch them lol
Well time for the review. As you all know Saban adapted smile precure into glitter force. I already deducted points for the change in music since this is the kind of thing you hear in power rangers. Even more minus points for extra unnecessary sound effects and dialogue. You know the sounds you can tell is out of place and the extra dialogue you can tell was quickly added.

A lot of the voices are about as out of place as you'd expect particularly candy since there's too much Jimmy neutron in it meaning a little too boyish for candy.

The chant that comes when the bad end generals is more or less removed with team rocket like ryhmes. Some of the VAs are good like wolfruns are well suited but the dialogue is a bit in the outdatef area. Episode introa is just text pasted on the same episodes. The smile compact sounds unenergized. Then you got extra dialogue during the transformation and well the roll call sounds like a mega force roll call with echoed voices.

Akanbes are called buffoons

Pierrotte is called emperor no go

Wolfruns is ulric

Red oni is called brute obviously saban doesn't know or doesn't want to talk Japanese fairy tails.

Majority is called Brooha. I think it was meant to be a pun about how she makes inventions while also rewriting the word Bruja which is Spanish for witch. I think I heard a cricket just now.

They focus too much on being glitter and what not. Also miyuki says something that sounds like a cheerleader chant when she yells her "spirit" chant. As one expects from a saban adaption of anything there's a lot of jokes and puns so bad even kids probably wouldn't find it funny like they did in the 80's or 90's.

Opening mashed up a lot of the original opening with actual episodes from the series for 30 to 40 seconds. Its so out of place and generic that it was painful. The ending theme sequence is there so you'll see them dance bit the song oh my god I really couldn't stand it and it was so out of tune. Seriously this isn't me intentionally being a dick about saban doing this like before but this is like seriously painful to watch in how they did all this. I mean early days anime we don't think too much on it but the same time a few companies did try to make it sound better than the original source such as sailor Moon hence why we got factions that like old or new viz dub or like me and others like both the old and new viz dub for different reasons. Glitter force sadly isn't one.

Episode 1 by itself was heavy spoilers on its own rather than let the story progress. Basically if you watched all of mega force then basically miyuki had a dream of becoming a precure and even points out who transformed in her dream with her on her first day of school. Look good or bad dub you don't reveal stuff like that in episode 1 of anything you spoil the whole story. If it didn't work in mega force its gonna work this time saban. Jesus Christ.

Aside from yayois father episode not being there the episode about them going on a comedy contest was cut too. As for the Kyoto trip its there but due to being americanized they called it the Asia Pacific expo. Really saban? Really?

Like figured season 1 of this stops after pierrotte is beaten the first time upon rescuing candy. Oh as for the bad end kingdom its called the shadow realm. Is this yugioh? I'm pretty sure it  wasn't.

Due to spoilers in episode 1 alone the whole precure rule of keeping identities secret isn't really mentioned when miyuki was recruit akane and yayoi in episode 2.

Akane while a bit of a head strong and tease at times English dub wise there's a lot jokes that weren't too clever but they happen a little too often.

Yayoi aside from starting off shy and quiet in English dub there's seems to be a hint of stereo type dumb blonde there. Well I suppose even with a proper dub it would be hard for any English dub to get the shy archetype like yayois right especially with the voice so I can't say good or bad but dialogue and bad jokes may have have influenced it. Peaces obvious motions of rock paper scissors is replaced with something about puppies and kittens.

Nao isn't too bad over all. So that's one right. Just not too big on the way she was handled as glitter spring but her overall character is more or less the same.

Reika her English va is basically sakuras from naruto. Kinda of funny since she also voiced sailor mercury in the viz media dub. Its kind of a hit and miss with her character. So yeah hit and miss at best.

Miyuki due to being all about luck rather than happy tries to put that in a lot while saying you can find happy endings. I suppose that is similar to the source but at the same time the form of execution doesn't carry that same meaning as it in the actual show of smile precure.

You know if this was like how funimation did detective Conan into case closed where names of characters were changed and basically English dubbed the opening and ending theme then there might've been a better chance. Oh right the attacks while precure does get said in the original source in glitter force its not really sounding like each cure has their own attack theme. Example being happy shower being called sparkle storm. I told folks saban would also be using music he uses on power rangers. And as for the ryhmes they say in the roll call well they didn't even try they just made some stuff up. Sabans idea of villains is pretty out of date like red oni washing his clothes but in the English dub he said he was purposely making them stinky. Not sure what peoples idea of a villain is but I don't think you need to make them unhygienic these days since kids are a bit more open minded these days. That's the kind of stuff we usually let Disney junior do. Also there's other audio dubs of french German Italian and Spanish. I'm pretty sure at least 2 out of those 4 languages already had precure dubbed in their language and if so I do wonder what saban did with those

All and all with things considered i have to give it a 1.5 oout 5. there were great voices for a few characters but there were too many negatives that made a bad impact on the show. hard to say where this will all go we may likely not get a good dub after this since now i hear smile gottaken off streaming sites like funimation. dont know if crunchyroll is still holdimg on to precure but we'll see. so agree or disagree? like or dislike? tell me in the comments below.


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the story is humanity versus monsters only to end up fighting humans who infected themselves with the blood of Savages and embrace those killing instincts and feel this need to wipe out humanity. not sure about the overall goal for the antagonists end but this series has the simple pacing infinite stratos had only the main guy isn't as slow on the uptake when it comes to girls hitting on him.
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spoilers for Boruto manga show us that Himawari pic we saw is just a further flashback of her. Still, they need to get her age settled
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